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While the gentrification process in most cities around the country has been put on an indefinite hold, Downtown Las Vegas is betting that they're the next spot for young professionals to live, work, and play. LV8PR brought on XLA Studios to create a lifestyle film to showcase a day in the life of Downtown Las Vegas. With high-rise living, co-op workspaces, gastropubs, nightclubs, and shopping all on the same block, extensive vertical growth is driving residents to downtown from the suburbs and bringing a new 'downtown' to Las Vegas.


The story of a city is the story of its people. Although the downtown area has a new vibe, the locals are aware and very much proud of the area's history. The latest bars and restaurants are incorporated with the lights and glitz from an era past; most of which are historic landmarks. The close proximity of downtown's attractions is what allows residents to enjoy everything they need without having to drive anywhere. The film follows a group of friends spending their day working, exercising  shopping, and celebrating life while admiring the view of the Strip.


Timelapse photogaphy played an important roll in the film to showcase the city in not just space but over time. Las Vegas is known for its city lights but it is also just as beautiful during the day. The power of timelapse shows the environment itself as an organic entity that can morph over time.

One of the many benefits of timelpase photography is its large image resolution. This lends naturally to being smoothly integrated at 4K resolution with the Red Epic camera. Using the latest technology allows the content to have a longer life in broadcast and online as regular HD is already seeing its way out. These tools were used in production to enhance the story by bringing the characters and locations to life in their full vivid color and depth.


Downtown Las Vegas


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